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Bc. Anna BIERNÁTOVÁ, Sitel, spol. s r.o.
A. Biernátová In 2012 finished a bachelor’s degree at CTU, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, specialization Devices and Informatics. During the study was actively involved in optical telecommunications networks, organized a lecture for mayors and representatives of local communities on why it is good to introduce optics. Since 2012, working in the technical department at SITEL, spol. s r.o. As part of her job description she is involved in monitoring of the “aging of optical fibers” within the “Security optical transport networks and development of optical components for electric power production and power transmissions” project supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

Ing. Tomáš BLAŠKO, MBA, Panduit Europe, ltd
T.Blaško Professional experience:

2004 – present
Panduit Europe, ltd – Territory manager CZ/SK/HU

1996 – 2004
RLC Praha, a.s. – Project manager of “Solutions & Services”

1995 – 1996
ABN Amro Bank, N.V – electronic banking system specialist

1993 – 1995
Agrobanka Praha – Systems Analyst electronic banking and infrastructure


Czech Technical University in Prague – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Specialization in Technical Cybernetics
MBA – University of New York in Prague

Doc. Ing. Leoš BOHÁČ, Ph.D., ČVUT – FEL
L. Boháč He graduated in 1992 Czech Technical University in Prague with a specialization telecommunication technology. Then he began working there as a teacher dealing with the issue of optical communications. In 2001, he successfully defended his doctoral thesis on simulation of optical paths. In the field of optical systems he is involved in the resarch of deployment of optical paths in academic CESNET network. In further he also worked to address the European project COST in high-speed networks. He actively works as a teacher at the Technical University teaching subjects of data and optical systems. He is the designer of a wide range of practice-oriented projects with industry in the area of data and optical networks. It also deals with optical fiber sensors.

Robert BONDARENKO, Transmode Systems AB
R. Bondarenko Robert Bondarenko, 46, 1992 graduated Telecommunication Institute at Electronics Faculty of Warsaw Academy of Technology (Politechnika Warszawska). Since 1992 with Siemens Poland heading transmission and access technical sales organisation. 1999 vice-president sales for alternative carriers. From 2000 leading Carriers Networks technical sales organization. From 2004 head of Carriers Network and then Enterprise Networks business unit of Siemens. 2004-2005 graduated Advanced Management Program of Siemens, Duke Corporate Education and Babson Executive Education. 2006-2007 CEO of Siemens Enterprise Communications. 2007 responsible for reorganization of ICT infrastructure at RUCH S.A, the largest retail network in Poland. Since 2008 with Transmode Systems AB. Currently responsible for business of Transmode in Eastern Europe.

Ing. Pavel MUKNŠNÁBL, PilsFree, z.s.
P. Muknšnábl Since secondary school he is interested in computer networks and programming, after graduating from the “programmer’s Grammar School” he graduated in 1999 from the Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia, Department of Distributed Systems. After minor professional break when first tasted, how to serve in civilian education, and subsequently how to teach programming and at the same time as the management of Education he earns his living as a freelance managing computer networks and sometimes programmings. Since 2003, his big hobby and also the customer is the Pilsfree Network run by the association with the same name, where he is in charge for one geographic area as well as for the management of backbone infrastructure. His hobbies (besides programming and computer networks) are hiking and amateur radio, though both he does by the birth of his two children only sporadically.

Piotr NIEMYJSKI, Transmode Systems AB
P. Niemyjski Piotr has spent over 12 years in telecommunication industry, primarily in optical area, within both equipment and service providers organizations. He has worked as Field and Network Operation Center engineer and Optical Network expert. Since 2006 Piotr is responsible for preparation of technical solutions for customers in Europe.

Ing. Jan ŘEHÁK, HW group s.r.o.
J. Řehák He studied Telecommunications at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Czech Technical University. Between 1998 – 2002 he founded and led HW server – online magazine about electronics and embedded systems. In 2003 founded and currently leads HW group – manufacturer of LAN and GSM monitoring products. The products of own development and production allows remotely measure temperature, energy consumption, control the environment in industrial or IT infrastructure. HW group sells its solutions through a distribution network with more than 50 partners in 40 countries.

Doc. Ing. Miloš SCHLITTER, CSc., SITEL, spol. s r.o.
M. Schlitter Professional experience:

2000 – now
SITEL, spol. s r.o. – Technical director

1998 – 2000
VNT Nachrichtentechnit, s.r.o. – Head of Division Datacomms

1992 – 1998
Fibre Optics Centre, s.r.o. – Commercial director

1988 – 1992
Telecommunications Research Institute, the area of telecommunications technology – research and development worker, science worker

1964 – 1988
Czech Technical University in Prague – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Telecommunications Engineering – Assistant (1964-1967), assistant professor (1967-1980), associate professor (1980-1988)


1959 – 1964
Czech Technical University in Prague – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication Technology

1955 – 1959
Secondary Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering, specialization in Telecommunications Technology

Ing.Tomáš STRAŠÁK, M.A. , Dial Telecom, a.s.
T. Strašák He graduated in specialization international trade and European Integration in Prague University of Economics and Staffordeshire University in UK. 2000-2004 he was head of the team of Internationl data sales in company Czech Telecom a.s. and in 2004 he became the member of board of TransgasNet, a.s.,responsible for business development (later net4net, a.s.), which was taken over by Dial Telecom a.s. in 2006. In company Dial Telecom a.s. he works on a position of Business Director and member of board.

Ing. Jaromír ŠÍMA, RLC Praha a.s.
J. Šíma He graduated in 1987 Czech Technical University in Prague department of technical cybernetics, specialization in control technology. During studies he worked in department of physics, where he after graduation stayed for 2 more years on research intership. He worked there on development of digital appliances for processing supersound signals. As tutor he was involved in professional IT trainings organized by „Czechoslovak Scienific-Technical Community“. He also worked in company OASA Computers Ltd. in tellecommunication division. In 1993 he is co-founding company RLC Ltd., which was in 2000 tranformed into a joint-stock company RLC Praha a.s. In RLC a.s. he in the position of Chairman of the Board and concurrently he works as a Head of Development. He is involved in wide number of seminars in field of fiber optics and telecommunications, he is a lector of fiber optics trainings.
Josef VOJTĚCH, CESNET z.s.p.o.
J. Vojtěch In 2001 he graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague, majoring in computer networks and in 2009 he defended his doctoral thesis on “All-optical networking.” Since 2003, he works at the Department of optical networks of the association CESNET. There he has been long-term involved in the development of an open transmission system CzechLight and in recent years also its application for transfer of accurate time and stable frequency. He is the author / co-author of three international patents, 10 national patents and utility models. In 2007, he won together with Miroslav Karasek and Jan Radil the prize of the Minister of Education for research.



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